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I'm trying to slap something up here quickly in anticipation of new visitors as a result of handing out DVDs with the site address on the cover at the Saturday  Richard Gage event in Santa Rosa.

I would really like to encourage Sonoma County people interested in the truth about 911 to make email contact with me, so that we can start to have some local activities. I realize people may be reluctant to hand out their email address to just anyone, and if you fall into this category, I suggest you get a special new email address just for this. I did. It's sc911truth@gmail.com, and this is the email I hope you will write to, so I can put together a contact list. I applied for this address and received it with about 1 minute of work, and I didn't even need to supply any "real" contact information. You may be able to do the same with Hotmail, Yahoo, or other providers, but gmail.com was really easy. Of course, if you're not worried about me mishandling your email address, by all means use your regular address, but my point is that you shouldn't let fear of spam, etc., stand in your way. (My purpose in getting sc911truth@gmail.com was more for being able to segregate the mail I receive from here from my other email than for privacy.)

The main things I plan to do with the email I receive is to start some sort of forum and/or newsletter about local events re. 911. I'm thinking of things like showing films and perhaps some small group activities like leafleting, visiting local politicians and press, and so forth.

Also, I have ambitious plans for expanding this website with good links to current news about 911, so I want to be able to inform people when significant changes and updates occur. I am writing in the first person, but my intention is to make this a site for the 911 community in Sonoma County, and I want to democratize the site as much as possible, probably through the use of forums or any other ways people can think of to add their own content.

By the way, if you choose to get a new email address, an important aspect of that (I know from long negative experience) is to somehow make sure you know when you have new mail. There are several "email notifier" type programs you can have running on your desktop that have very small "footprints" which you can use with multiple email addresses to check them all at once. An example is at eprompter.com. I have used this for years because I only have a telephone modem hookup at home, and I use Eprompter especially to screen my email on my regular account so I can delete mail right at the server without having to take the time to download it to my computer. I check a couple of other accounts I have at Hotmail and Yahoo, and I will also use it now to check my sc911truth@gmail.com mail. Another one I'm trying out than may be even better is poppeeper.com.

So please send me your contact information.

- Fred


Important Event Dec. 8!!

Get informed! Richard Gage will be speaking in Santa Rosa on Saturday, Dec. 8,2007, at 7 pm. Read more in the poster below. Also go to his web site at ae911truth.org.
Odd Fellows Hall is just across the street from where Santa Rosa Junior College and Santa Rosa High School come together. About two doors up on Pacific Ave.

This poster is available for viewing or downloading:

8-1/2"  X 11" (134kb jpeg)

11" X 17" (207kb jpeg)

Consider handing them out to friends or posting them up in viewed locations.


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