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Looking for places to show DVDs. See below.

We intend to promulgate "9/11 truth"; that is, expose the untruth of the "official" version of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001. Without more investigation, no one can say for sure exactly what happened on Sept. 11, 2001. But, from the evidence we already have, we can easily show the falseness of the OCT ("official conspiracy theory.") A large minority of us already reject that version, and now we need to become a large majority.

There are many local actions we can take here in Sonoma County, including:

Community Activism-

  1. Tabling
  2. Speakers events
  3. Identifying and lobbying other local groups regarding 9-11 truth.
  4. Leafleting
  5. Schools (and in particular working with school clubs)
  6. Contact Professors and Professionals in the community with positions related to 9-11
  7. Encourage local debate

Information Resourcing-

  1. Lending Libraries of  DVD, Audio tapes, VHS of Documentaries on 9-11 (summarize and prioritize)
  2. Fact sheets, handouts, and flyers.
  3. MP3 directory of 9-11 material available on net.
  4. Local or regional posting board, or forum


  1. Identifying local and regional media
  2. Cable access
  3. Radio programs available on internet in 9-11
  4. National blogs and discussion boards related to 9-11
  5. Monitor media coverage on 9-11

At present, hardly any of this is being done. Since we have many fine films available about 9/11, one of the readily available, low stress, fun things we could do would be to present films to the public. If we can find places to show them without cost to ourselves, the total cost would be nil. Showing a film can easily be combined with later discussion and sign-up opportunities, so it can lead to growing the organization and creating a snowball effect. Therefore, a main present goal of this site is to try to find venues to show films. Ideally, the place should make available a DVD projector, screen, and chairs. Please email me if you know of any place in the county where we can show films. Personally, I don't feel that I am especially good at organizing, networking, etc., but what I do like to do is make DVDs of 9/11 films and hand them out to people. Also, I don't mind speaking before groups, and I would be glad of the opportunity to be able to introduce, show, and discuss films about 9/11. I was happy to be able to hand out about 45 DVDs and CDs at the Progressive Festival in Petaluma on Sept. 28. Probably a half dozen or so of the films on those DVDs would be suitable for showing to audiences, and I'm hoping some of the people who received and watched those DVDs will figure out a way to show them to others, with or without my help.